My name is Lindsey, and I am the “creative” behind Little Star Creative. I’m a 30-something from extremely southern Louisiana and I have a passion for all things crafty. All of my life I’ve been the go-to person for my friends when they needed their name written on their binder cover or something drawn on their notebooks. These things just came naturally to me- and it might explain the strong magnetism between me and office supplies. There’s always been something about a fresh ream of printer paper and a new pen that always put me in a good mood. Writing letters back and forth to friends in class was my favorite pastime, and though I didn’t realize it in the moment, I was actually developing a life-long love for the art of hand-lettering and creating hand-drawn fonts. Over the years, as letter writing became a thing of the past, I shifted more towards drawing and even majored in art during my first 2 years of college. It took a bit of a toll though, and once I came to terms with the fact that creating art for a grades and not a fulfilling purpose was stifling my creativity, I switched my major and ended up graduating with an A.S. in Criminal Justice instead.

When I got married, I couldn’t find anything that suited my eclectic and obnoxious taste in colors, so I made a lot of my own décor and designed my own invitations to fit the color schemes and ideas that I had in my mind. This grew into etching glassware for people for their own weddings and events, and eventually morphed into making party supplies of all kinds: invitations, banners, centerpieces, etc. After 4 long years of working in the real world while doing small craft projects for family and friends, and then leaving that real world to have a baby, I realized what I really wanted to do was try to make the art that I loved into a small business that I could share with others. I started painting on presentation boards and made face-in-hole photo props for kids’ parties as a way to showcase my drawing and painting skills. I created large wall hangings and other home décor items. These things all made me happy, but I slowly began to find that I needed a niche, and to focus my skills so I could do more of what I really loved. My small workspace was not allowing for big projects like the presentation boards, and I simply did not have the storage for all the glassware I was etching anymore.

These days, my main focus is on hand-lettering; doing things like addressing envelopes, creating wax seals, and customizing party favors, gift tags, and other items. I also design customized printable party and event invitations, along with creating silly digital prints, stickers, and other graphics. I pride myself on being able to offer a personalized experience to people who are like me and can’t find just what they need anywhere else.

A little quirky. Sometimes sassy. Always personal.

This is Little Star Creative.